New colours for Gunemba, Dabinyaba

Raymond Gunemba and Nigel Dabinyaba are free to take the pitch on Saturday in red colours against their former club Lae City FC.

Gunemba and Dabinyaba joined Hekari United during the third transfer window after they were terminated from the defending champion Lae City FC.

Acting NSL Manager, Dimirit Mileng, said both players could not be fielded last Saturday when the competition resumed as the technical issues concerning their transfer from their former club were being addressed by the technical committee of Kumul Petroleum National Soccer League.

Mileng said after considering all the circumstances, including the players’ rights and accorded a fair hearing, the NSL secretariat has ruled that the players are at liberty to transfer to their new club.

“Players’ right and welfare is paramount for the two players’ transfer, provided there is no liability or encumbrances under any exiting contract,” Mileng stated.

“Kumul Petroleum NSL secretariat has written to Lae City FC for a formal reply following franchise owner, Ian Chow’s email on the 17th of March 2020, terminating the players, but no response has been received from Lae City FC to date.”

Mileng added that the situation with the two players is a first-of-its-kind, therefore the NSL secretariat will make recommendations for a provision in its regulation to provide a clear path for the future. 

(Raymond Gunemba – PNGFA picture)

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