National Sports Policy Launched

The PNG Sports Foundation launched its National Sports Policy at the Sir John Guise Indoor Sports Complex this week.

Papua New Guinea’s sporting fraternity witnessed a milestone achievement in moving sports forward with the launch of its 4th edition of the new Sports Policy 2020-2050.

Prime Minister James Marape and Minister for Sports and DHERST, Wesley Raminai witnessed the event.

The purpose of the Sports Policy is to present a framework for sports development and recognizing sports as a tool for driving change in PNG, captured in the policy vision statement, Excellence in Sport and an advanced nation.

The policy framework will focus on governance and administration, sports resources, sports participation, sport high performance, sports research, education and training.

The policy was written by PNG expertise under supervision of the Department of National Planning and Monitoring.

Compiling and planning for the National Sports Policy wasn’t an easy task as it required collective efforts, decisions and evaluations let alone recommendations to produce the new national sports policy.

The document covers views collected from various sports federations, provincial and district sports personnel and the corporate and private sector. Provincial leaders, development partners and academics also contributed views.

The new sports policy is aligned to the vision 2050 Development Goals, MTDP 3 priority for sustainable economic growth and other enabling legislations, policies and government priorities.

The policy is recommended for implementation at all levels of government and society, particular in community settings to harvest the rich benefits of what the sports industry can offer.

Godwin Eki