MRDC 9s completes day one of competition

The Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) rugby 9s completed day one of games at the National Football Stadium.

In the men’s pool results from today, Brothers (1) def. Paga Panthers (1) 10-8, Kone Storms (1) def. Souths (1) 16-4, Magani (1) def. Kone Tigers (1) 18-12, Souths (2) def. Paga Panthers (2) 10-8, Hohola Flies (1) def. Butterflies (1) 8-4, Ril Road Siders def. Tarangau (1) 10-4 and Hawks (1) drew with Wests (1) 10-10.

In the women’s pool matches, Paga Panthers def. Sisters 12-8 and Souths def. Magani 18-0.

Games will resume tomorrow at 10am with Dobo Warriors (1) to play newcomers Komara Akua to start day two off.

Troy Taule