Motu Koitabu RL calling on teams to register for 2017 competition

The newly established Motu Koitabu Rugby League Association (MKRLA) is calling on interested teams to register for the 2017 season proper competition.

President of the MKRLA, Pipi Dai Boe said the season proper competition will start in March 2017 explaining this was set in account of important factors mainly the availability of a proper playing field and major expenditures.

“All Motu Koita villages within NCD and Central Province are invited to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Stage 1 level competition which is in an inter-village format.

“The local leagues, for example, Elevala village and Hanuabada villages will select their best side to represent to represent Elevala and Hanuabada respectively. So as Baruni, Tatana, Porebada, Boera, Kouderika, Tubusereia,Gabagaba or Barakau.

“MKRLA expects only the select-sides or representative teams from these Motu Koita villages which comprises of their best players to form their core clubs and participate in the competition.

“This is the Stage 1 Competition and will be regarded as the main premier level competition. Going another two levels up will be Inter-Zone and Province of Origin Series,” said Boe.

The date for all interested teams is February 28, 2017. The EOI must be addressed to: President, Motu Koita Rugby League, P O Box 480, Konedobu, NCD or email:


Troy Taule