MKRL thanks late Ottio

The late Kato Ottio was one of the many people behind the success of the Motu Koitabu Rugby League.

Chairman of the MKRL, Dae Boe, said this during his tribute at the funeral service this week at Tatana.

“The MKRL owes it to Kato’s advice. He always told me to never give up and keep pushing this concept on to keep developing.

“We took his advice and successfully completed a full season just last year.”

Boe said Ottio will never be forgotten and is a role model for all Motu Koitabuans.

“To all Motu Koitabuans, Kato Ottio left behind a legacy of humbleness and respect and to always strive to do your best.

“Let us follow this.” 

Troy Taule