Mead commends forwards

Kumuls skipper David Mead was the triple try scorer in their first match victory against Wales at the National Football Stadium on Saturday (Oct 28).

Mead attributed his tries to the hard work that the forwards did in opening up try scoring opportunities.

It took just five minutes from kick off for the PNG captain to capitalise on their home ground advantage, receiving the ball 15 metres out from the Welsh goal line then getting past to score the Kumuls’ first try of the match.

Justin Olam let his season with the Melbourne Storm feeder club show when he combined well with Garry Lo in creating holes in the Wales defence for try scoring opportunities.

Kurt Baptist, who’s never played lock before, adapted well to the new position that Marum placed him in.

James Segeyaro’s NRL experience as hooker led the Kumuls well, coming off the bench.

Mead made mention of Coach Marum’s instructions to the team to keep going hard and in the end, the match result was all that mattered for the Kumuls.




Sophie Yaruso