Maki and Boas put Hunters in front

The SP Hunters have taken a 12-6 lead over the Brisbane Broncos at half time.

The stadium erupted five minutes into the match when winger Jonus Pearson flew in to score.

The kick from Jordan Kahu was on the dot sailing through to put the visitors in front.

 An unmarked Wawa Paul came close to putting the Hunters on the board but the pass fell just short of his reach with the ball rolling out over the side line.

Trust Wartovo Puara Jr to produce points.

Close to the line, Enock Maki was hard to stop after a short ball from Puara saw him bump and spin out of a tackle to slam the ball down.

Watson Boas added the extras to level up.

The stadium erupted once more when Boas pounced on a ball that deflected off the feet of a defender from his own kick.

He made it two from two to put the home side in front by a converted try.

More to follow.

Troy Taule