Lae softball club highlights financial hurdles

Among the top clubs that took part in this long weekend’s national softball championships was the Manolos Softball Club.

According to mentor Paul Pasen, they formed the club to give an opportunity to young family members to grow in the sport.

The Islands Salvage and Towage Manolos Softball Club is one of the top Lae teams that, according to the Softball Federation president, has over 5 national championships titles under their belt.

Just like other sporting clubs, Manolos experienced financial difficulties whilst trying to secure a men’s and women’s team for the Port Moresby championships. 

“We struggled because of financial crisis as you know, throughout the nation,” Pasen said.

“We sought sponsorship but there was no favourable response.

“Our players, we encouraged them to raise funds themselves by either selling food on the street or catering for companies, or through other means.”

In spite of this, Pasen said PNG is celebrating its 43rd Independence, hence we all should work together to tackle challenges that get thrown our way.

(Paul Pasen)

Carmella Gware