Lae gears up for bike race

The remaining days leading up to the inaugural Rosso Cup Mountain Bike Competition in Lae have been quite hectic for bike riders both young and old.

The remaining days leading up to the inaugural Rosso cup Mountain Bike challenge in Lae have been quite hectic for bike riders both young and old.

The streets of Lae City have been frequented with bikes as competitors prepare for the biggest family event of the year without the Morobe Show.

The National Botanical Gardens in Lae is set to host 700 cyclists from in and around Lae City who will vie to win a share of K40,000 and trophies that will be up for grabs this Saturday 10th October.

Lae City Authority is partnering with the Morobe Motorcycle Club and Forest Research Institute to showcase the botanical gardens and Raunwara area. Future plans are to improve and open up the botanical gardens and Raunwara Parks, and make them accessible and conducive, friendlier and safer for families to enjoy.

Chairman of the organising committee, Ian Nos Ellery, a renowned dirt bike rider in Morobe, says the race was initially scheduled for September 9th 2020 but was postponed due to heavy rains during the week leading up to the event.

“We’re now on track to deliver the race this Saturday to showcase our bike riders from ages 7 and up to adults. I’m sure our Lae community will have a great time witnessing the races; it’s going to be fun,” says Ellery.

He said pre-registration is continuing this week for riders who registered and encouraged those who have not registered to call in to the Lae Botanical Garden.

The race will involve children up to 17 year olds, while senior men’s and women’s teams will race on the longer tougher tracks. The event will also see the wheelchair and corporate team races, and the highlight race – Dash for Cash.                                

Lae MP John Rosso says the event is aimed at bringing together families and people from all walks of life to promote a healthy, peaceful and safe community.

“I would like to reignite the days when bike riding was a pastime for Lae kids. The biggest thing is to get our families together and bring Lae back to its glory days,” says Rosso.

The gates will open at 7.30am for riders and open to public at 8.30am. Tickets are on sale now at the Lae City Authority cashier office, 1st Street Lae.

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