KPHL Charity Golf Launched

The inaugural Kumul Petroleum Charity Golf Challenge was launched today at the Lae Golf Club.

Sponsored by Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited, all proceeds from the event will go towards the cancer treatment facility at the ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital.

The charity golf challenge will tee off on February 4th, coinciding with World Cancer Day.

KPHL executive general manager corporate affairs, Luke Liria, said the golf challenge, which will be an annual event, aims to acquire chemotherapy drugs and other consumables used in cancer treatment.

 “Getting drugs is very expensive,” he stated. “So Kumul is coming in, not to replace the entire cost, but to help relieve the drug shortage at the cancer centre.

“The funds that will be raised here, Kumul will not take any out. We will coordinate directly with the Morobe Provincial Health Authority and the cancer unit.

“This event comes at the back of a lot of health work that Kumul is doing. Initially, in 2020, we got into a MoU with the Morobe Provincial Health Authority and the National Health Department. In that MoU, we have K15 million to refit the cancer services at ANGAU.

“The cobalt unit that is not working, that funding will purchase the isotope that goes into the cancer machine.”

Chairman of the Morobe PHA, David Wissink, thanked KPHL for their continuous support of the ANGAU national cancer centre.

“We entered into a partnership agreement with Kumul Petroleum back in 2020 to help with cancer services in ANGAU. That agreement has brought a lot of benefits to the hospital and cancer services,” Wissink stated.

“There’s still more to do with that relationship and this golf tournament will really make it even better.

“We look forward to having a good turnout.”

Carmella Gware