Korea DPR player: Hard work paid off

Korea DPR midfielder Kim Phyong-hwa says all the hard work has paid off, when lifting the trophy of the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup 2016.

Korea DPR defeated France 3-1 in the grand final of the tournament on Saturday at the National Football Stadium, Port Moresby, in front of 14,752 people.

The number 11 helped her team to victory with a goal, grabbing a gold medal and tournament trophy.

The 20-year-old received the Player of the Match award for her outstanding performance during the game, which was icing on the cake for her.

She was speechless when receiving the award after the official presentation of medals.

“This is the happiest moment in my life and greatest achievement in my football career and the fact that we won the tournament is overwhelming.

“Actually no words can describe my feeling at this time,” Phyong-hwa stated.

Phyong-hwa said her team was full of confidence coming into the tournament and built on that to win.

“We played all our matches to win in order to live up to the expectation of our people, our parents, friends and relatives.

“I gained a lot of experience throughout this tournament and as long as we keep up with our tactics, we can beat any team in the world.”

Japan finished in third place, taking home the bronze medal after defeating the United States, who finished fourth in the overall tournament.

Quintina Naime