Kokote On Tumbe

Experienced player and Lock of Team of the year in the 2021 Digicel Cup Supa Kokote of Waghi Tumbe says the team didn’t take an easy way to make the 2021 Digicel Cup Grand Final.

He said discipline brought them this far in the competition.

Kokote, one of Digicel Cup’s most experienced players, joined the JPG waghi Tumbe, taking the team to the 2021 Digicel Cup season finals. He said self-control and respect for one another as a team helped the boys into making the grand final in the 2021 season.

Kokote said while a lot of the players are young and new, they always looked up to the experienced players for guidance.

“It’s been quite a journey for me, personally, having played for other teams in the past and this season with JPG Waghi Tume as Vice-Captain. Getting this far with the team, the determination and control, and self-respect not forgetting the connection amongst the players themselves is the reason behind the team getting into the finals of the 2021 Digicel Cup,” said Kokote.

It was Kokote’s 5th grand final appearance in a Digicel Cup grand final. He has represented Lahanis, Tigers, Mioks and now Tumbe in 2021.

“I came into to the team as one of the senior players, who was always ready to show the young ones how it’s done and to share the experience I collected playing is other clubs in the past. It was always great to see young players counting on me and seeking advice. After seeing how the boys had performed, I am pleased to say that a lot of these young players are eager to learn and play their best game if given the opportunity and honest advice,” said Kokote.

Kokote was named ‘Lock’ of the year, at the 2021 Digicel Cup Awards. He is looking forward to a comeback with the Tumbe’s in the 2022 Digicel Cup Season.

Godwin Eki