Karo appointed Chef de Mission for Pacific Mini Games

The Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee (PNGOC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Kinivanagi Karo as Team PNG's Chef de Mission (CdM) for the 2025 Pacific Mini Games in Palau.

Mr. Karo, serves as the male Vice President on the PNGOC Executive Board, and was recently elected CdM during the recent PNGOC Board Meeting on June 12, 2024.

In his role as Team PNG's CdM, Mr. Karo will be responsible for leading the delegation, representing Team PNG, and ensuring the overall success and unity of the national team throughout the 2025 Palau Games.

 His responsibilities include:

• Providing leadership to support and enhance the performance of Team PNG.

• Serving as the official spokesperson for Team PNG.

• Leading the selection and training of the General Management Team (GMT).

 • Attending key meetings, events, and engagements related to Team PNG and the Games.

• Building and maintaining relationships with team members, VIPs, government delegates, and sponsors.

• Preparing and presenting the final Games report to the Board within two months of the Games' completion.

 Mr. Karo expressed his gratitude and sense of responsibility, stating, "I am equally elated at the opportunity to lead Team PNG in this capacity and look forward to working closely with the PNGOC Secretariat and relevant stakeholders to begin the planning process."

The lead-up to Mr. Karo’s appointment included the first Palau 2025 Mini Pacific Games meeting, held at the PNGOC office on May 1, 2024.

Papua New Guinea will be vying to participate in 11 of the 14 sports offered at the Palau 2025 Games. Representatives from eight sports, Archery, Athletics, Basketball 3x3, Beach Volleyball, Judo, Softball, Swimming, and Table Tennis, attended the meeting, where they provided updates on recent and upcoming championships.

The 2025 Palau Mini Pacific Games are scheduled to take place from June 29 to July 9, 2025. 

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