Kapuls Train-On Squad Named

The PNG Football Association (PNGFA) has finalized its 30-men squad for the upcoming 2022 World Cup OFC qualifiers scheduled in Doha, Qatar in March 2022.

PNGFA president, John Kapi Natto said the selection of the 30-men train-on squad was collectively done overtime by a team of experienced and upcoming national coaches consisting of coaches Bob Morris, Samson Steven, Erickson Komeng, Nathaniel Vincent and goalkeeping coach, Godfrey Baniau. 

PNGFA Technical Director, Paul Isorua and technical officers, Harrison Kamake and Margaret Aka, assisted the team of coaches.

Kapi Natto said the coaches and PNGFA Technical Dept carried out individual player analysis assessments on all the players based in the areas of technical, tactical, athletic and mental capabilities required of a football player. 

This formed the football part of the selection criteria used to select and trim the train-on squad to 30.

Other off the field conduct and COVID-19 requirements are also been undertaken and screened to ensure that all players selected in the final travelling team fully meet the criteria to qualify to travel abroad in these new normal times.

The full 30-men squad is: Roland Warisan, Ila Ilarova, Russel Chris, Jordan Tobem (goalkeepers),  Alwin Komolong, Philip Steven, Joshua Talau, Felix Komolong, Mathias Oyabuya (Centre Back), Daniel Joe, Koriak Upaiga, Joshua Oscar, Emmanuel Airem, Godfrey Haro (Wing Backs), David Muta, Simon Emmanuel, Michael Foster, Jacob Sabua, Tagi Yasasa (Midfielder), Nigel Dabinyaba, Stahl Gubag, Atti Kepo, Obert Bika, Paul Pala (Wing Midfield), Raymond Gunemba, Kolu Kepo, Mathew David, Jonathan Allan, Patrick Aisa, Tommy Semmy (Strikers)

“We are proud to announce that New Zealand-based, Tommy Semmy has confirmed his availability to join the team while David Browne who plays in the Finnish Premier League in Europe is yet to confirm his availability hence named as 31st player,” Kapi Natto.

Meanwhile, Isorua said: “The named 30-men train-on squad is not final and there are still opportunities for potential players not named in the squad to show cause during the current NSL competition matches as the team of coaches will still continue to carry out analysis on all players.” 

He said this is the trimmed down squad after the last national training camp.  The squad will come under further training programs led by incoming international coach, Marcus Gusmao when he arrives in the country soon.  Gusmoa will name the final travelling team during the course of the preparations.   

Since the host country, Qatar has strict COVID-19 visitor entry protocol in place that requires all visitors to be vaccinated and to undergo test two days before arrival in the country.

All travel delegation (player and officials) are encouraged to be vaccinated in order to meet this international travel requirement.


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