K600,000 For Team PNG

The Government through the PNG Sports Foundation has closed the gap financially for Team PNG with a K600,000 funding for their participation at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

On the eve of travel to the Games, PNG Sports Foundation (PNGSF) yesterday presented a K626,980 cheque to the PNG Olympic Committee (PNGOC) earmarked for Team PNG’s participation at the Commonwealth Games. 

In a small but significant presentation held at the Aquatic Centre, PNGSF Chief Executive Officer, Albert Veratau said he was privileged on behalf of the Government to support Sport and especially the elite athletes representing Papua New Guinea in a world sporting event, the Commonwealth Games.

“We are privileged to partner with PNGOC for a long period and in recent times you have seen our collaboration a lot more meaningful and purposeful. We are here to support one and other,” Veratau said.

He said the PNGSF is honoured by the Government’s support in the last minute to support the PNGOC to fulfill its sporting dream at an international arena.

“We want to work together to ensure the Government’s biggest agenda is attained and that is making Sport an integral part of human development,” Veratau added.

PNGOC President, Sir John Dawanincura said the financial backing has filled the gap, he said they didn’t have a shortfall but the funding just pays off well in the teams’ participation.

“Having two Games back to back, with the Pacific Mini-Games just completed and going to Birmingham was a big challenge for us.

“First foremost with the funding support is a big help. On the eve of departure, it is just fantastic that we have been able to receive this help.”

Meantime, with eight days to go before the official opening of the Games, the PNG contingent depart on Friday, 22nd July.

The Commonwealth Games runs from 28th July to 8th August, 2022.

Susan Oreape