K40m outstanding for Hubert Murray Stadium

The Sir Hubert Murray Stadium has an outstanding of K40m to have it completed.

Funding for the stadium is from a Public Private Partnership of K120 million through the National Government and Curtain Brothers.

Sports Minister Justin Tkachenko said the outstanding K40m is the Government’s component of making sure that stadium is complete.

The Government is now working with different companies to get them to sponsor the finishing product of the stadium under a tax credit scheme.

Tkachenko revealed that the country is going through a tight economic situation and at this point stadiums are not something that is prioritised to be built or funded.

He said the Government’s current priority is given to education and health and other development issues.

“We need to look at other ways of bringing the private and corporate sector in to help finish off the stadium so they own it and run it as a business,” he said.

Tkachenko added that the stadium will be completely different from Sir John Guise Stadium and the National Football Stadium as it is a multi-purpose stadium for football, rugby league and rugby union.

The stadium is more corporate orientated to raise money to be self-sufficient and will also host corporate events and have restaurants and a clinic.

Quintina Naime