Juniors to participate in QLD development camp

The Binatangs and Kurakums will leave this Sunday for Australia to take part in the U14 AFL QLD Academy Development Carnival.

This annual week-long Carnival is held during the term three school holidays and brings the best school aged footballers to one place. 

There is no winner announced at the end of the camp, with the focus instead being on instilling players with respect for fair play and the correct attitude to teamwork.

The Binatangs and girls teams (Kurakums) squads were selected from AFL PNG’s regional carnivals held throughout the school year. 

“All of these players have been training since selection last year and have shown high levels of commitment. As a coach, that is the most pleasing thing,” said AFL PNG Youth Football manager and coach, Joe Maggio.

“Although the local players may be smaller than their Aussie counterparts, their big hearts make up for any physical size difference.”

When the U14s return from their trip, the next squad to travel to Australia is the U17 Kurakums in October. 

They will compete at the AFL QLD U17 Youth Girls Championships in Brisbane.  

Troy Taule