Insurance Cover Extended For CPNG

Cricket PNG has announced that Capital Insurance have extended their partnership for a second year.

General Manager of Cricket PNG, Tony Naidu, thanked CIG for partnering with them for the first time during the height of the pandemic.

“With so much global uncertainty, it meant so much for Cricket PNG,” outlined Naidu.

“Now as we move forward with more cricket being played internationally and domestic initiatives increasing, it is an honour to have Capital Insurance confirmed as our partner for a second year.”

Group CEO of Capital Insurance Group, Jeremy Norton, said: “It is pleasing to see the partnership between Cricket PNG and Capital Insurance Group (CIG) moving into its second year and we are very proud to be a sponsor and to support Cricket PNG.

“As an organisation, CIG prioritises the health and wellbeing of Papua New Guineans and Cricket PNG plays an important role in the community in driving similar wellness initiatives.”

CIG sponsors 50 percent of Cricket PNG’s general insurance program, which covers travel insurance, personal accident, motor, workers compensation, industrial special risk (ISR), and public liability.

Driving the health and wellness message in PNG communities is a mutual aspiration for both CIG and Cricket PNG.

(Capital Insurance CEO, Jeremy Norton, with Cricket PNG development coach, Jack Vare, and Cricket PNG general manager, Tony Naidu)

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