Impressive debut for young Barramundi

Barramundi Assistant Coach, John Ovia and Team Captain Assad Vala have praised young John Kariko for his remarkable debut in the recent International Cricket Cup Tour.

The young man from Hanuabada have impressed his superior not only with his game but also in the way carried himself throughout the event.

Coach Ovia said this young guy is the future of the Baramandi.He said John bowled some good areas although it was just his first time. He knew what he was doing and was great for the team.

At the PNG Baramandis and Lewas meet and greet program last Thursday, Asad Vala made his compliment on the teen cricket sensation.

The Baramandi captain said John is a very young kid. He was really good for the team and was willing to learn. He tagged along with the senior boys very well.

Assad said John has a bright future in Cricket and will be great for the Baramandi going into the future.

John Kariko made his debut in Nepal. He got some really good wickets there before the team proceeded to Namibia in Africa for another outing.

In two games in Namibia, John nearly got five wickets. For the young player to get such number of wickets is a promising sign for him going forward.

Looking at the rise of John Kariko and other young cricketers coming up in the ranks, both John Ovia and Asad Vala believed the future of Baramandis in looking good.

Meanwhile, the PNG baramanis are undergoing scanning and are set to go in the preseason training for the next six weeks in preparation for world cup qualifier which is coming up in July.

The Baramandis will work on the areas like betting well, fielding and catching and roll balls. The team imas to perfect the basics as they look to secure a spot in the world cup challenge. 

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