Hunters winless after five rounds

Though the SP Hunters started off on a strong footing, minor errors gave the game away to the Norths Devils, who walked off with a 28-6 victory.

A penalty goal by Ase Boas in the fifth minute put the visitors 2 points ahead.

Five minutes later, an effortless flick pass from Brandon Nima saw Brendon Gotuno power through for his first try of the season.

An unsuccessful conversion by Boas, however, kept the Hunters at 6 points.

Unfortunately, the visitors’ high ended when Henry Penn registered his team’s first try in the 19th minute of the round 5 match.

With an unsuccessful conversion by Herbie Farnworth, the points remained at 6-4 until a lapse in concentration 24 minutes in saw Jayden Baker make a break for the try line, outrunning defenders for a second try.

Farnworth converted this time for a 4-point lead.

The Hunters tried their best to keep the hungry Devils at bay but slick play by the hosts saw Herbie Farnworth dive through, extending their lead in the 31st minute with the scores at 14-6.

Farnworth himself slotted the ball through for 16-6.

Four minutes later, Joe Joshua was forced into committing an error by an energetic line of defenders.

Capitalising on the Hunters’ subsiding momentum, Jack Ahearn accelerated through the line of defenders, scoring another try.

Farnworth converted to ensure a comfortable lead with three minutes left before halftime.

The scoreline was 22-6 when the siren went off.

A return from second half saw the Hunters give away more penalties, with Junior Rop being put on report for a high tackle.

The first part of the second half passed with the Devils testing the Hunters’ defenders, hoping to force errors.

Their persistence paid off as a penalty goal in the 74th minute added another two points to the Devils scoreboard.

It was now 24-6 and with four minutes left on the timer, Paul Ulberg powered through for his team’s final try of the round.

An unsuccessful conversion was the least of the Devil’s worries as they registered a 28-6 victory over the SP Hunters.

The Hunters remain winless after five rounds of the Intrust Super Cup competition.

Carmella Gware