Hunters training intensifies

The PNG Hunters will leave no stone unturned as they look to improve on their lackluster performance from the 2022 Hostplus Cup season.

Upon their return from the Christmas break training has intensified with more emphasis on defense and endurance which will set the platform for the second period of their preseason training.

Since preseason training resumed last week, Coach Stanley Tepend and Assistant Paul Aiton have been impressed with the attitude and commitment shown by the players especially their work ethics at every training session which has been intense and challenging.

Aiton said the focus this week has been on defense and controlling pressure with good mindset which is key in real game situation.

On the players’ attitude, he said without a doubt everybody is ready to roll up their sleeves especially the senior boys leading from the front.

Aiton said during training sessions they also allow for feedbacks from senior players on how they want to play the game or raise any issues arising from training.

He also mentioned that they have scheduled an opposed session tomorrow to trial out the team structure and the combinations before the squad is trimmed to 25 players.

The Hunters will soon be announcing a date for a one off trial match and who they will be playing prior to the start of the 2023 Hostplus Cup season.

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