Hunters Settling Well

Staff and players of the SP PNG Hunters have settled in well in their Hotel Quarantine since arriving in Brisbane on Sunday.

PNG Hunters Coach, Matthew Church said leaving home is never easy and there was a mix of nervousness and excitement before departure but since arriving, the boys are in good spirits.

After a 3hrs flight from Port Moresby the team settled into the Hotel quarantine in Brisbane around 8.30pm on SundaAccording to SP PNG Hunters Coach Matthew Church, as part of their exemption into Queensland, the players are in an apartment style living for 14 days of isolation period. He said additionally each apartment is split up as a self-contained studio room, attached to a full sized one bedroom apartment, meaning the boys are living together in two’s for their stay. 

In the overall apartment, the QRL have provided an Assault Bike for cardio training, resistance bands, kettlebells and weight plates for strength work and Stretch bands and foam rollers for recovery methods.

The players also have a football in their rooms to work on their passing. Church said the team will train most days adding the players have a schedule for the 2 weeks and staff will conduct training sessions via online meetings. 

He said players will also undertake some Wellbeing and Education sessions online during their stay. This is a support system but also to work out what individual requirements need to be met, should they wish to study or get work experience. 

Coach Church said while we understand it’s a challenging situation it is also an opportunity for our players to show real commitment towards this process and an opportunity to make us better footballers when we come out of isolation.

This won’t be the ideal preparation, but said we won’t be looking at this reason for excuses.

Terry Longbut