Hunters build capacity

The PNG Hunters participation in the Queensland Rugby League (QRL) is to market and expose players to a higher and more intense level of rugby league.

Since Coach Stanley Tepend took over the reign from Matt Church he’s now diversified the team’s training program to include capacity building for the Hunters the training staff to enhance their work as well.

While the primary focus is on players’ developments and creating pathways for emerging homegrown PNG players at the NRL second tier elite level.

Coach Tepend believes upskilling local trainers and support staff with the latest training technics and knowledge to keep up with the rest of the world is vital.

Tepend said since appointed head coach, he’s made a few changes to diversify the Hunters system to build capacity for local trainers within the coaching staff as well.

He said the Huners are very fortunate to have the services of Mong Tavol who’s in charge of the High Performance programs and former PNG Sprinter, Kupul Wisil who has a lot of experience.

Having Assistant Coach, Paul Aiton and Manager Tom Butterfield on the team who have wealth of knowledge and experience of the game is also a big bonus.

Tepend said realistically there’s still plenty to do before they can be certified to QRL or international level but it’s a work in progress.

He also shared some of his own experiences and knowledge that he’s picked while working under Coach Church last year that would be of great benefit to the team moving forward.

Loop author