Hunters 30-man squad named

The SP PNG Hunters season 2024 kicks off with the announcement of a 30-man team unveiled by Coach Paul Aiton in Port Moresby on Saturday March 2nd, 2024.

Aiton, after navigating his inaugural preseason said he was proud of how the players and staff navigated a tough and enduring pre-season period. He’s extremely pleased with how the squad has come together and is looking forward to round one next weekend.

The SP PNG Hunters for 2024:

1. Morea Morea 2. Sanny Wabo 3. Solo Wane 4. Brendon Nima 5. Elijah Roltinga 6. Robert Mathias 7. Clent Lama 8. Gairo Voro 9. Zachariah Selu 10. Jamie Mavoko 11. Joshua Lau 12. Sakias Komate 13. Judah Rimbu 14. Tapia Solu 15. Finlay Glare 16. Whallan Tau-Loi 17. Junior Talin 18. Seal Kalo 19. Junior Rop 20. Jordan Pat 21. Anthony Worot 22. Koso Bandi 23. Manase Kai 24. Weiyah Koi 25. Valentine Culligan 26. Joshua Mire 27. Ila Alu 28. Wendle Kipsy 29. Bruce Bawase 30. Alex Max

In the squad of promising young talents and veteran players, two of the most experienced players, Benji Kot and Sherwin Tanabi have been omitted from the team. Tanabi, in his tenure with the Hunters, has had injury horror time, which could potentially cost him his spot in the team. However, the same cannot be said for Kot.

Kot had one of the best seasons of his career with the Hunters last year and cemented his spot as a regular Hunter in the team in the 2024 Hostplus Cup campaign. His effort was recognized with the selection for the PNG Kumuls side where he made his debut in the Pacific Bowl Championship.

The PNG Hunters host the Wynnum-Manly Seagulls in Round 1 of the 2024 Hostplus Cup season on Saturday 9th March, 2024.

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