HPS PNG delivers leadership program

A concerted effort between organisations to develop leaders is vital in this day and age.

High Performance Sport (HPS) Papua New Guinea recently delivered a leadership program to the regional coordinators of AFL PNG on their roles as leaders in their respective regions. 

AFL Development Manager in the South Pacific Region, Ben Drew said the Leadership Session conducted by Richard and the High Performance team was very beneficial to the AFLPNG Development Team.

“The program is very much in line with the direction and education messages delivered to all staff across the South Pacific & Australia.

“It will help us to build capacity within our workforce.

“We very much appreciate Richard and his team at the High Performance centre's time in attending the AFLPNG Development Team staff conference and delivering the Leadership session.

“It is also great to see Patrick at our Level 1 coaching accreditation at Rita Flynn today,” said Drew.

HPS PNG Athlete Career & Education Coordinator, Richard Ora said the purpose of the session was to explain, identify and demonstrate the attributes/qualities of leadership with the participants tasked with the  following questions ‘Why leadership? What does leadership look like? How does leadership look like?’

“The focus was part of AFL PNG’s staff conference development conducted over the last two days to enhance their staff in better performing their roles within their organisation which they invited HP to deliver the session mainly on leadership which is one of our foundations we present as our services,” said Ora.

HPS PNG delivers a number of education services for its member athletes and coaches which seek to improve their approach in their various roles.

Other services include hosting certified workshops for sport strapping and Strength & Conditioning apart from regular rehabilitation and therapy sessions.


Troy Taule