HP to collaborate with NYDA

The National Youth Development Authority has agreed to contribute resources for the High Performance Sport Papua New Guineas Talent Identification program.

The Talent ID program since its inception in 2016, has reached over 600 school children at High and Secondary schools with 60% made up of females.

The TID program has two parts- one group of students attend the theory session known as “Be An Athlete” education session where the staff talk about nutrition, hygiene and hydration while the other half go through various testing protocols and after three hours both groups switch.

HP has gone forward to tie in its ‘Be An Athlete’ program with institutions like the NYDA, to improve its reach to the students

In a meeting with Lawrence Tau, the Education and Curriculum Officer for NYAD this week both organizations have passed a couple resolutions to improve its services to the youths.

These include having the NYDA coming on board with the Advocacy Initiative for schools in in term three. 

This will see NYDA deliver topics on Drugs/Alcohol Abuse and other vital awareness on issues affecting the youth throughout Term three.

HP also plans to invite other NYDA partners and the Secretary of Community Development, Youth and Religion Anna Solomon to witness the initiative.

HP Talent Pathways Coordinator Cornelius Papau spearheaded the discussions mentioning also the involvement of both the Health and Education Department.

“They see the work we are doing in youth development through sport and the pathways to greater opportunities in University Sport, elite pathways and developing good people for the wider community.

“These skills transfer to greater employability, better health and building a positive image of the next generation in PNG.

“It brings great pride to PNG when a young athlete performs well internationally and promotes the positive image to others of PNG,” said HPS PNG Director Aaron Alsop

The agreement will see the NYDA provide talks on issues affecting youth during the TID Session facilitated by HPS PNG.

The program will commence in term three of the academic year.

Troy Taule