HELA Kickboxing Partnership

During these two events, the Hela Provincial administration with Hela Governor, Philip Undialu donated a van and K200, 000 to officially declare its partnership with the PNG Kick Boxing Federation.

The partnership will pave way for a new pilot project under the theme “Building a safe and secure Hela Province,” whereby Kick boxing will be introduced into all the primary and secondary schools in Hela Province as part of the education curriculum.

Under this partnership, school children will learn the core values of discipline that can help change their mindsets and attitude towards all aspects of life.

PNGKBF President, Stanley Nandex commends the Hela Governor, Undialu for taking this positive stand to work in partnership with the PNGKBF to bring changes to the youths of Hela Province.

He said this program will benefit both students who have left school due to tribal fights, and also it gives opportunity to all the youths in Hela.

Nandex said it is part of the federation’s moral and social obligation to give back to the community, using its values and discipline to help change the youth mentality to becoming better sports leaders.

PNGKBF congratulates the 37 kickboxing instructors with level one and two certificates, qualifying them now to conduct kickboxing training programs throughout the 38 kick boxing clubs in the three districts of Hela Province.

This is a pilot project and the PNG Kick Boxing Federation welcomes any province who is interested to use these programs as part of their development strategies in terms of empowering and changing the mental status of the youths in the country.

Frieda Kana