Gov’t Entities Boost Soccer Campaign

National women soccer team received a morale booster from two government statutory bodies, backing their campaign in the OFC Women’s Nations Cup in Fiji.

The Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (Kumul Petroleum) and National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) have financially backed the team with a total sponsorship of K750,000.

Kumul Petroleum dished out K250,000, while NGCB fulfilled their outstanding commitment releasing K500,000 to PNG Football Association on Wednesday, 20th July. 

PNG Football Association President, John Kapi Natto stated that the funding will boost their campaign as the women’s team have already advanced to the quarter final against Tonga on Saturday.

PNG headed the Group B match with six undisputed points following an impressive 3-1 win over Vanuatu and 2-1 win over an aggressive Tahiti side.

Kapi Natto said the team would give their best in the match against Tonga and the semifinal before the grand final on 30th July. 

“The donation from KPHL, who have been supporting football for the last four years, was timely. This certainly will boost and motivate the PNG women’s team to do better in the quarter final,” he said.

He thanked KPHL in having confidence in the women’s team making funding available during their World Cup campaign in Suva, Fiji.  

Kapi Natto also commended the Government for fulfilling its commitment by releasing K500,000 for the team.

He said the money was part of the K1 million sponsorship package committed by the national government, during a recent PNGFA fundraiser to support both men and women soccer teams, as they embarked on respective qualification processes for the World Cup events.

Mr Kapi Natto added that the much-needed funding would help women’s football in the long run.

He thanked NGCB and all other support sponsors who were part of the journey through fundraising events, especially, National Fisheries Authority, MRDC, Kutubu Security Services, SP Brewery, Trukai Rice industries, PKA Lawyers, Telikom Holding Limited, Hides Gas Development Company, Bank of PNG and Goodman Fielders International.

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