GG Congratulates Soccer Team

Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, has expressed joy and elation at the grand final win of the Papua New Guinea women’s national football team in Suva, Fiji last night.

The Governor General and Lady Emeline Dadae had earlier shared a short video on the

Government House Facebook page cheering and congratulating the women’s soccer team for advancing to the final match with Fiji.

Grand Chief Sir Bob, a soccer fan and enthusiast, has been following the women’s team’s progress closely and watching every match on television.  

“I wish to express my heartiest congratulations to the women’s soccer team for the great win against Fiji last night. You did your country and fellow Papua New Guineans proud with your outstanding performance on the field throughout your competitions.

“You worked hard for this as demonstrated by the team work and camaraderie you displayed in every competition. Congratulations on a great win and for inspiring us all to continue to stand united and with pride fly our country’s flag high,” he stated.

The GG added, “Thank you for lifting our spirits and reawakening our patriotism, and most importantly, for uniting us all with your win.  Lady Dadae joins me in congratulating each and every one of you and wish you the best in your preparations to take on other nations in the upcoming competitions.”


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