Gabong: We Can Go A Step Higher

The PNG national women’s soccer team crowned champions of the OFC Women’s Nations Cup say that with more support they can reach the FIFA World Cup.

In a welcome dinner hosted yesterday evening, the women’s team co-captain Yvonne Gabong, in a short but sharp speech, told sponsors, supporters and government representatives that better facilities, football development and more resources is needed to better women’s football in the country.

She said despite the achievements and success of the women’s football team, more support is needed to take them to the next stage in competitive football.

“The PNG national women’s soccer team have dominated the Pacific Games winning five consecutive gold medals since women’s football was introduced in the Games. Despite these achievements, there are challenges along the way in terms of support for women’s football.

“We sacrificed and work had for our country and we can do more with your support. Imagine if we have facilities, equipment, resources and financial support, we can go a step higher to achieve our dream to reach the World Cup,” said Gabong.

The women after winning the Women’s Nations Cup are a step to the FIFA World Cup. PNG will participate at the Inter-continental play offs in February 2023 in New Zealand. 
The women have a daunting task ahead, with only six months to prepare for the play offs.

“We have less than six months to prepare for the inter-continental play off in February next year, where we will play some of the best women’s football countries around the world.

“We would like to ask for your support to create pathways for us and we can take our country to another level.”

Captain Meagan Gunemba and Yabong said the team winning the Nations Cup is special and earn PNG the right as the women’s football queens of the Pacific.

They acknowledged the former women’s soccer team for setting the foundation. Adding that their recent victory is the biggest achievement so far in PNG women’s soccer history and a dream come true.

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