France stuns Japan with 2-1 victory

France stunned Japan 2-1 to book the second spot in the FIFA U20 women's world cup grand final.

It was nil all in the 90 minutes of playing time as the two teams proceeded into extra time. This was when France scored their double in the first half to safeguard their victory.

Four minutes into the second half, France forward runner Marion Romanelli chipped a fine cross that found striker Clara Mateo's head for their first goal.

Right after the restart, France moved in again for their second goal through Juliane Gathrat, who scooped the ball in from a loose ball that came off Japan's clearance in the goalmouth.

France began to increase their contacts and apply fast footy after the goals before going for break with 2-0.

After the break, the next 15 minutes grew aggressive as Japan tried to make a comeback.

Finally in the 109th minute, Japan converted a penalty from a foul within France's penalty box to minimise the lead and get them back into the game.

The Asian rivals strive through to level the scores within the final minutes, but were too late as the final whistle sounded for the European champions to win 2-1 and proceed through to the finals.

France will now play Korea DPR in the grand final of the Fifa U20 Women's World Cup.


Pictures by Troy Taule and Kennedy Bani 

Lamech Jinimbo