Financial literacy training for Cricket PNG

Cricket PNG recently ran a two-day conference for regional managers and development officers in NCD and Central attend;

Bank South Pacific, the main sponsor of the BSP School Kriket Program, conducted the training session with nine officers and regional managers.

BSP’s banking education manager, Gabriel Nangile, stressed on the importance of putting money aside and spending less than what one earns.

Nangile encouraged the participants to have smart goals in life and be willing to reduce their expenses in order to have some savings for unexpected expenses and emergencies.

He said: “Smart saving goals could mean applying the 70, 20, 10 ratio – that’s 70 percent expenses, 20 percent savings and 10 percent tithe.”

BSP corporate sponsorship manager, Amelia Minnopu, said BSP and Cricket PNG have enjoyed a 12-year partnership since 2009.

She said: “Our partnership is valued at K420,000 per annum with almost K5 million already invested into the BSP School Kriket program. Our BSP branch network supports the local kriket blasts and clinics all over the country - a program that promotes and grows upcoming cricketers for Papua New Guinea.”

Meanwhile, Cricket PNG game development manager & CPNG warden, Margaret Sibona, said while Cricket PNG is adhering to COVID-19 protocols and social distancing, it is adjusting its programs by travelling to provinces to run cricket conferences.

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