Farah confirms split from Salazar

Four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah confirmed his split from controversial coach Alberto Salazar.

Farah, 34, said he was moving back to London, leading to his split from Salazar after more than six years working together.

The British long-distance runner said he would team up with Gary Lough, who has coached wife Paula Radcliffe.

"I'm moving back home, London, I really miss home," Farah said in a video posted on Twitter.

"Seeing my kids the way they were in the summer at the World Championships, I'm going to be back there. I'm very excited.

"Also, I'll no longer be coached by Alberto Salazar... My new coach is going to be Gary Lough, who coached Paula Radcliffe through her marathon."

No place like home! pic.twitter.com/yv2R8IkZov

— Sir Mo Farah (@Mo_Farah) October 30, 2017

Farah, who won the 5,000m and 10,000m at London 2012 and Rio 2016, thanked Salazar.

The six-time world champion told The Sun his decision had nothing to do with the doping allegations aimed at Salazar, who has denied wrongdoing.