Fans reminded not to bring in prohibited items

With the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup into finals, fans have been asked not to bring in prohibited items that will stop them from going in to watch the matches.

Similar to the Pacific Games and the Nations Cup, prohibited items such as fire arms, sharp objects, food and drinks, spray cans, mega phones, hooters, horns, betelnut, lime and mustard are not allowed to be taken into the stadium.

Chief Executive Officer of the Local Organising Committee, Seamus Marten said there were still some fans bringing prohibited items which are not allowed in the stadium.

“We still have people arriving at the stadium mag and bag area with umbrellas, pens, markers, lighters and cigarettes with them to take into the stadium,” said Marten.

Marten said there are also people that are trying to come in with professional photography cameras which are also on the prohibited items list.

“Professional camera owners are urged not to bring their cameras to the stadium because they will be asked to take their cameras back home or leave it with the mag & bag securities who will tag it and leave it at the VOC area for safe keeping until after the games when the owner can pick it up,” said Marten.

He said other prohibited items that are not allowed in the stadium are lotions, illegal substance, sticks, poles, bats, food, aerosol cans or deodorant, bags larger than 14’x14’x6’ and backpacks of any size, food and drinks.

 “Posters with the images of the prohibited items will be placed at ticketing outlets and at the mag & bag areas where the contracted security stewards will be conducting checks on spectators and their bags to ensure spectators, players, officials and workforce can enjoy the world cup in a safe and secure environment,” said Marten.

Troy Taule