Dinner raises K40,000 for Lae Rugby League

While the PNG Rugby Football League needs support from the community, it is only right that they give back to these communities.

The QRL Country Week was an opportunity for the PNG Rugby Football League and partners to do exactly that.

Hunters major sponsor SP, held a Gala Night in Lae city to raise funds for the Lae Rugby League Club.

The dinner saw both teams attend including business houses in Lae City.

According to SP Brewery, the Gala Dinner was equally important to the game itself to maintain the quality of performance for Hunters and support must be given to the local rugby league association, in this case, the Lae Rugby League.

Morobe Governor Ginson Saounu who also had the opportunity to welcome the guests in Lae City, said Sports is a lucrative industry, with its full potential yet to be explored.

The night ended with auctioning of several Merchandises.

Meantime, the whole event raised K40, 000 for Lae Rugby League.


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Charmaine Poriambep