Digicel Cup deadline for submissions

The PNG National Rugby League Competition office is urging all 12 existing franchise teams from the 2019 Digicel Cup competition and interested new ones to submit their expressions of interest before the deadline expires.

The deadline is on the 6th of December, 2019.

Following the expansion of the competition to 12 teams this year to cater for the newcomers, Central Dabaris and Kimbe Cutters, 2020 could see one or two more new teams joining the semi-professional competition.

According to PNG NRLC Manager, Stanley Hondina, he is expecting the bid submissions by next week.

Although not yet official, it is understood that the Southern Confederates would be supporting a bid by the Western Barramundis of Daru, who are now in the process of submitting their expressions of interest to the PNGNRL.

In the interim, Hondina is urging all new bidders to comply with all requirements before submitting their expressions of interest.

Terry Longbut