Digicel Cup’s first ever coaches conference

With the continuous improvement in the standard of Digicel Cup games, all Digicel Cup coaching staff are expected to uphold and keep their practices up to professional standard.

This was conveyed to 50 participants, including coaches, trainers and physiotherapists who attended the recent Digicel Cup Coaches Conference in Port Moresby.

Participants from the 12 Digicel Cup rugby league teams gathered in Port Moresby for a two-day coaching conference from the 21st – 22nd  February.

Digicel PNG Senior Vice President, Lorna McPherson, said: “Congratulations to everyone involved in making the conference a success, especially the Chairman of PNGNRLC Adrian Chow and Competition Manager Stanley Hondina. 

“We are very excited about the Digicel Cup season ahead, and as it quickly approaches, we know that all of PNG will rally behind their favorite teams this season. 

“I look forward to welcoming all teams to the 2019 Digicel Cup Season and a special welcome to the new teams - the Central Dabaris and the Kimbe Cutters.

“This coaching conference is all about improving the quality of the games, which adds to the supporters’ enjoyment and entertainment and this what Digicel is all about – giving more to its customers and partners.

“Digicel has been committed to supporting the Digicel Cup Rugby League competition since 2011 and where we are today, is a demonstration of the Digicel’s investment in the game,” added McPherson. 

Digicel has invested heavily over the past eight years and will continue to do so to develop the rugby competition and to take it to the next level, while positioning it as the breeding ground for the next generation of rugby talent that will represent the PNG Hunters and the Kumuls.

Digicel Cup Competition Manager, Stanley Hondina, expressed his gratitude also toward the coaches and the presenters.

“We are very impressed at the level of response we received from all the Digicel Cup teams and coaches. This is the very first of its kind and we might have to run these conferences every year due to the growing interest,” said Hondina.

“I would also like to thank the PNGRFL and the Hunters for taking the time to impart their knowledge onto the coaches and trainers.”

The conference was facilitated by the Papua New Guinea National Rugby League Competition (PNGNRLC). Special key presenters include PNG Hunter and PNG Kumuls Coach Michael Marum, PNG Orchids Coach David Westley, Richard Hunter from Fair Play Australia, Chris Amini from the PNG Olympic Committee, Digicel Cup Competition Manager Stanley Hondina as well as Hunters support coaching staff.

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