A determined SP Hunters captain

They have secured 2 impressive back-to-back wins so far, but if the SP PNG Hunters want to make the top 6, they need to stay on top of their remaining 5 games.

Apart from training and keeping in form, leadership also plays a critical role in any match.

It is no secret that captain of the SP PNG Hunters, Ase Boas, plays a very influential role in the team.

He has proven, time and again, his determination and commitment in getting the team to the top.

A few weeks ago Boas suffered a couple of injuries as well as dengue fever, which negatively impacted his form.

This almost cost him a spot in the Kumuls’ Pacific Test squad.

However, the Hunters captain did not let the situation get to him.

Instead, he put his head down and strove to regain his fitness.  

His hard work has paid off with him making impressive runs, tackles and breaks in the last 4 games.  

“I’m feeling much better now. Getting to my form will be a good booster for the team,” said Boas.

“The boys are looking up to me so when I set the pace, the boys just follow.”

The team will be meeting the Burleigh Bears on Sunday at the National Football Stadium.

Boas says they are sticking to their normal preparations, as well as focusing on the minor errors that have been costing them their games.


Carmella Gware