Cricket PNG 100% vaccinated

Cricket PNG staff and players are 100 per cent vaccinated.

General Manager Tony Naidu said Cricket PNG is following COVID-19 measures to keep everyone safe.

Naidu said Cricket PNG made it its responsibility from the get-go, to have all players and staff vaccinated, with the understanding that cricket is an international sport, with strict travel requirements.

“We have put some things forward in the sense that we make it our business to protect our staff, athletes and the general public. COVID-19 is real and therefore we did everything we could, and at the same time abide by the NCC restrictions on COVID-19,”said Naidu.

Naidu said they were given the ‘Okay’ by the National Control Centre (NCC) to train and conduct matches domestically. And although they continue to comply with COVID-19 prevention measures, teams have missed out on some international events.

Naidu said, “It would have been nice for our teams attend several international matches but there was nothing we could do because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions at the time.”

As a non-contact sport, it was only approved that cricket matches be held at the Amini Park in Port Moresby. And in abiding by the latest restriction, they have been maintaining 20 persons maximum limit, security temperature checks and wearing of masks at all times.

Naidu said the operations of the Amini Cricket Park will continue as normal, as the only approved area for Cricket PNG.

“We are grateful that we’ve been given the green light by NCC as we know cricket is an international sport and we have to continuously train our teams in preparations for international fixtures,” he said.

He added that it is not an easy decision for an athlete to get vaccinated. Athletes would need to talk it over with other people including fellow athletes, to understand why it was important to be vaccinated, and that includes saving lives, and preventing further lockdowns.

Godwin Eki