Coach: I was really disappointed

“We’re just not where we need to be at the moment,” was what coach of the Townsville Blackhawks, Kristian Woolf, had to say after yesterday’s loss to the SP Hunters.

Woolf said ball control and the fifth play options is what urgently needs to be addressed before the next game.

“Well firstly, congratulations to the Hunters. I thought they played really well. They’re obviously one of the form teams in the competition at the moment. The results certainly showed that.

“From our point of view, we’re just not where we need to be at the moment. I was really disappointed with that.

“I thought for patches there we competed quite well but then in other patches, I thought we were well off the mark. We’ve been a little bit guilty of that over the last few weeks.

“It’s obviously something we got to try and fix really quickly. We have to figure out how as well,” said Woolf.

Troy Taule