Close to 2000 participate in Twilight Basketball

The Basketball Federation of Papua New Guinea (BFPNG) recently concluded its latest instalment of Twilight Basketball, with almost 2000 players taking part over the six Friday night sessions.

At each gathering, young people aged five to fifteen had the chance to play full-court games of 5X5 basketball from 5pm to 7pm.

Once the 5X5 games concluded at 7pm, the courts then shifted to a half-court set-up, for 3X3 competition matches for players aged sixteen and older, which ran until 9pm.

Hoops for Health (H4H) coaches, which include members of the national men’s and women’s basketball teams, stepped in as mentors, helping give tips on how to better play the sport.

The event has become so popular that it is drawing crowds of over three hundred players each session.

CEO of the BFPNG, Joel Khalu, said the program was achieving many outstanding outcomes.

“Our most recent block of Twilight Basketball was terrific and successfully delivered with zero issues.

“Overall, it is certainly having a positive impact on the community, especially when we are giving almost four hundred people the ability to participate in free sport on their Friday evenings.

“What else would these people, especially the kids, be doing at this same time instead if they weren’t shooting hoops?

“It’s a great diversionary initiative that is also helping to build critical life-skills. Things like communication, teamwork and time-management.

“Our kids might not think about these things too often when they are here playing, but they are definitely developing their individual skill-sets each Friday night, which is also another positive,” said Khalu.

Troy Taule