China sees potential in PNG Table Tennis

The Chinese government through the Chinese Embassy in PNG hopes to see the sport of table tennis developed further in the country with the opportunity to participate in more world events.


Consular of the Chinese Embassy in Port Moresby, Wang Gengshen said China is a super power in table tennis and he hopes that one day PNG can have a world class athlete to compete against them and other world champions.

“China is the best in the world in Table Tennis and with our skills and experience we can be able to support PNG athletes and coaches through exchange programs and training,” said Gengshen.

Gengshen met with the president of the PNG Table Tennis Federation, George Shao as well as athletes and officials in Port Moresby this week to present them sporting equipment donated by the embassy.

After watching some of the best table tennis talents on show at an international event in Port Moresby last year, Gengshen was impressed by the level of skill and talent shown.

“I was very impressed with the skills and talents I saw, they were very fast and agile and have good body quality,” said Gengshen.

Through the donation of the 12 competition tables and balls, rackets and other equipment, Gengshen hopes this will help generate more interest in the sport as well as further increase the skill level of PNG athletes and officials.

“Hopefully, through support like this PNG will one day produce a world champion like China,” said Gengshen.

Treasurer of the PNG Table Tennis Federation, Rea Loi thanked Gengshen and the Chinese Embassy for the support and stressed the importance of having high quality sporting materials for training and competition.

“The equipment is of very high standard and I am very grateful to the Chinese Embassy for this support.

“We are targeting our branches in the other provinces so all these equipment will be distributed to them,” said Loi.

President of PNG Table Tennis Federation, George Shao joined in thanking Gengshen while also extending his gratitude to two other institutions that made presentations at the same event.

Johnny Liu from the China-PNG Friendship Association donated K20,000 while another K10,000 came from Leo Enterprises.

Troy Taule