Changes in PNG Orchids coaching staff

A number of changes have been made to the 2018 Oil Search PNG Orchids coaching staff.

The recently appointed head coach, David Westley, believes the coaching staff is made up of individuals who are reliable and can deliver.

The staff is led by Westley as head coach, Sammy Rice Jackson as assistant coach and Ruth Turia as the team manager.

When queried on the exclusion of one of last year’s coaches, Westley said he had his chance last year where unfortunately, his actions have resulted in his omission.

“There were a few issues that happened during camp and during the game. And there was another incident that happened during the championships with a certain player,” he stated.

“I won’t go too much into that but I believe all our coaching staff have to be good leaders in the community and also treat our women with respect.

“So that’s why I’ve mainly gotten this coaching staff together.”

Another notable omission from the 26-member squad is former PNG Orchids captain, Cathy Neap.

“The selectors and I picked the side on youth and defense,” Westley said.

“Some of our Orchids players from last year weren’t performing throughout the year and certainly, weren’t doing their job on the weekend.”

The head coach said personally, it was disappointing for him to leave the former players out, but he had to consider the future of the Orchids.

(Head coach, David Westley)

Carmella Gware