Central Dabari bids for Digicel Cup spot

The Central Dabari franchise bid has been delivered to the PNG NRL Competition.

A first-of-its-kind celebratory event was held for the handing over of the Central Dabari Bid for the 2019 Digicel Cup competition, four days before the bidding deadline.

Bid Chairman, Keith Iduhu, thanked all those who have been part of the journey in preparing the bid.

PNGRFL CEO, Reatau Rau, said for years, many Central Province bids did not have the financial backing, resulting in unsuccessful outcomes.

He said this time there is a major sponsor willing to support them.

PNGNRLC Manager, Stanley Hondina, said this was the first time a rugby league franchise bid was delivered in such a manner and shows the commitment by the executives and sponsor.

Vikki Mossin, Managing Director of major sponsor of the Central Dabari franchise bid, Vitis Industry, officially handed over the bid to PNG NRLC manager, Hondina, and a cheque of K100,000.

The PNG NRL will deliberate on all bids, which currently sit at 14 for two possible spots in the 2019 competition.

Cedric Patjole