Capital Insurance latest sponsor for PNGOC

Capital Insurance Group Limited has come on board as the latest corporate sponsor for the PNG Olympic Committee.

The partnership, which was made official yesterday, will see Capital Insurance cover PNGOC’s and Team PNG’s insurance needs up to 2020.

The sponsorship is from 2017 to 2020, with the possibility of extending it further. This means all PNG Olympic Committee insurance requirements, as well as international Games attended by Team PNG athletes and officials, are covered during this period.

President of the PNGOC, Sir John Dawanincura, welcomed Capital Insurance and described it as another important partnership for the PNGOC.

“The PNGOC relies heavily on the support of our corporate sponsors. We consider them as important partners in our work.

“We are privileged to have Capital Insurance Group join our family of sponsors and we welcome them onboard.

“We deeply value the relationship with our partners and we are looking forward to a strong and fruitful working relationship with Capital Insurance.

“Insurance coverage both domestically for our operations and internationally when Team PNG travels is extremely important from a risk management perspective. Having Capital Insurance covering PNGOC and Team PNG gives us peace of mind and allows our focus to be on performing at our best,” said Sir John.

Chairman of Capital Insurance Group, Michael Koisen, said they were excited about the opportunity to be a partner of the PNGOC and reaching more people.

“Capital Insurance is a proud nationally-owned insurance company and we are excited about partnering with another national institution such as the PNG Olympic Committee.

“Our aim is to be the leading Pacific-owned insurer, which shares a similarity with the PNG Olympic Committee’s mission of ‘being the best performing National Olympic Committee’ in the Pacific.

“This shows that we have the common interest of doing the best for our clients and those that depend on our services,” said Koisen.

Troy Taule