BSP School Kriket Programme continues to hit targets

Cricket PNG’s Bank South Pacific School Kriket Programme has already reached 82,915 participants for the year.

The Programme which reached a record 188,407 participants across eleven regions in the country last year, is on track to hit 150,000 participants for the fifth consecutive year after recording 40,575 in Term 1 and 42,340 in Term 2 totalling up to 82,915 for the year so far.

 “The BSP School Kriket Programme has once again gained momentum and student participation has been very good despite the election movement around the country.

“A total of 55 schools across 10 regions, during the 9 week schooling term have had a good turnout, yet very challenging in terms of coping with schools’ schedules and the busy streets in the lead up to the 2017 National General Elections,” said Game Development Regional/Kriket Blo Olgeta (KBO) Coordinator, Vaianna Gabba.

The Programme has again exceeded the quarterly target of 37, 500 with an addition of 4,840 student participation and reaching a total of 42,340 for Term 2.

“We are all on our feet for yet another good looking term for junior cricket development in PNG, hoping once more for more boys and girls participation in schools, using cricket as a tool to harvest in students, driving them to playing more cricket and most importantly; making it their sport choice to explore what cricket has in store for the future,” said Gabba.

The BSP School Kriket Programme was launched in 2009 and is recognised both nationally and internationally, being awarded the best Overall Development Program in the International Cricket Council (ICC) East Asia Pacific (EAP) Regional Awards in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Troy Taule