BSP Backs Rabaul Schools Rugby

The Rabaul District BSP Schools rugby league program for 2022 was launched this week at the Ashes rugby league club house at Queens Park in Rabaul.

The Bank of South Pacific through its Rabaul town branch presented a cheque for K40,000 to interim President of Rabaul Rugby League (RRL), Michael Marum.

Before the cheque presentation on Thursday 3rd of February, BSP Rabaul Branch Manager, David Pilai said BSP continues in the path to identify, develop and support young talents through sports.

The sponsorship support will go towards upgrading the second sports field that will be used in the competition. Trophies, sporting equipment and competition cost is covered in the sponsorship.

Marum on behalf of the RRL executives, school coordinators, staff and officials thanked BSP for coming through with a sponsorship of K40, 000 again in 2022. Last year’s sponsorship saw 750 students from five schools in Rabaul participate in the Rabaul Rugby School League program.

He said: “The Rabaul Rugby League in its revival stages in 2021 has already become a model league in the country that has a fair representation of players of men, women, boys and girls. Something they are proud of.

Marum added that without BSP’s support they would have not been able to send 60 of their kids to represent Rabaul in Kokopo during the NGI schools championships, and in Port Moresby during the national schools championships and look forward to a successful 2022 school competition.

As token of appreciation, Marum presented league merchandises and complimentary free entry passes to the venue plus the newly built Rabaul Ashes club house on game day to BSP staff on behalf of the Rabaul Rugby League.

Terry Longbut