Broncos fever hits Vabukori

It is definitely something the people of Vabukori village will never ever forget after hosting the much loved Brisbane Broncos this morning.

Hundreds both young and old flocked in from as far as Badili and Sabama to see their idols.

There was plenty to see which included singing and dancing from the villagers plus the opportunity to ask the Broncos players questions and photo opportunities.

“We are blessed to be the host to a very popular rugby league team. It is an honor to have them here,” said Vabukori village councillor, Turaho Morea.

He said the village was grateful for the opportunity and thanked the Broncos and the PNG Rugby Football League for choosing Vabukori.

“Many here are unemployed. Your visit has inspired the people and given them hope. It will make them forget all their problems and enjoy this historical moment.

“You have brought out the young and old, even those who are bedridden have come out to see the Broncos. Thank you.”

Captain of the Broncos, Darius Boyd described this visit to Vabukori as a humbling experience.

“We really appreciate all the support. It’s been a real eye opener for us. We’re looking forward to a good game tomorrow.

Troy Taule