Barras focused on taking one game at a time

Head coach of the Hebou PNG Barramundis, Dipak Patel is not too concerned right now about the Barramundis’ standings in the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cricket League (WCL) Championship and Intercontinental Cup (ICUP).

The Barramundis are sitting second on the ICC WCL Championship ladder and are running fourth on the ICC ICUP ladder.

Their tour of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) next month will see the Barramundis play UAE in three One Day Internationals, an Inter-Continental Cup (ICUP) match, and three Twenty20 Internationals.

The first two out of the three One Day Internationals will be ICC WCL Championship matches.

“We are well aware in the standing in both formats, but we're very focused in taking one game at a time. 

“The last thing we'd want is thinking about positions on the ladders. If we play to our potential then results will look after themselves,” said Patel. 

Troy Taule