Ase Boas yet to regain form

Though Ase Boas has recovered from his injuries and dengue fever, he is yet to regain his form.

The five-eighth will be leading the SP PNG Hunters in tomorrow’s match, and Coach Michael Marum says the only concern is his level of fitness.  

Boas returns to captain the SP PNG Hunters in round 16 of the Intrust Super Cup competition tomorrow afternoon.

However, more work needs to be done by the 29-year-old.  

Coach Michael Marum said Boas is carrying a bit more weight, which is unfavourable for half backs.

“Your half backs should be around 80, 85 or 86 kilos and they can run and be in the game all throughout,” Marum stated. 

“So for himself his injuries are good now but he needs to just work on his fitness.”

Coach Marum said he has spoken with Boas, who is now doing extra training.

“If he is really serious about finishing off the season well, he needs to concentrate on those areas.”

The SP Hunters will be going up against the Sunshine Coast Falcons at the National Football Stadium.

Boas will start at five-eighth alongside his brother Watson.

(Ase Boas, right, in training this week)

Carmella Gware